Key Features of Luxury Boutique Hotel Costa Rica


When you’re out and about on your vacation, finding the ideal accommodation will look completely different for every traveler. Some people prefer global chains because they like to travel every time they leave home. Conversely, others enjoy their experiences staying in small luxury boutique hotels in Costa Rica.┬áIf you’re not sure where to stay on your next trip, you should check out the various features we’ve come up with to make your vacation as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Size of private property

Boutique hotels are traditionally more personal and intimate than multi-floor hotels built by international hotel chain brands. However, these hotels don’t have to be small. Depending on the property, they can have five to ten rooms or more than twenty. Historic homes will have fewer people than apartment building that is converted into hotel rooms. Consider the destination’s annual tourist population and city size to gauge how big or small local boutiques are.

Eccentric guest amenities

Privately owned boutique hotels will allow more owners to design amenities that reflect their personality or the character of the property. You’ll often come across a boutique hotel that offers a pie-down service where guests can receive a complimentary slice of pie in their room each night. Others often give out puzzles to take home or turn bookmarks into wildflowers. They create a fun perk that you won’t find anywhere else, making trips more memorable.

Luxury shower heads

Boutique hotel owners can start investing in luxury features like waterfall shower heads as they have fewer rooms. You’ll relax after your shower under targeted massage streams in stainless steel or brushed nickel, and that’s something people don’t experience at home. Hence, luxury shower heads will transform the entire travel experience compared to ordinary hotel bathrooms.

Highly personalized service

Managers of large hotels don’t meet their guests because hundreds of people walk through the building every week. Boutique hotel owners treat their guests personally so they can benefit from high-quality service and attentive staff to meet their needs. The front desk staff can even work with local delivery providers to understand your taste for food and other needs. Management may even stop by your breakfast table to check if you’re enjoying your stay. You will receive the most personalized care to make you feel more welcome and comfortable during your visit.

Localization of food options

Discerning dining options are one of the most distinctive features of these boutique hotels. Owners often begin to celebrate their local culture or hotel history through specially prepared menus for their guests. You’ll find many boutique hotels inspired by 17th-century French salons that serve traditional Pan-Latin cuisine that the owners love. By staying in boutique hotels, you can enjoy the fusion of cultures and taste something new.


You can enjoy some of the most personalized services that reflect the hallmark of a boutique hotel. The staff knows your name on the first day of your stay. Offering customized luxury amenities such as an extensive pillow menu, customized toiletries, and spa services, creates an upscale intimate experience.

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